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Wing fenders

Wing fenders are D fenders that are further developed. They are often used as an alternative for the protection of vessel walls, docks and piers. This type of fender is generally mounted in a profile, which creates a bumper that is highly resistant to various forces. Wing fenders are easy to install and replace when necessary. Standard wing fenders have an O-shaped inner chamber, but in some cases wing fenders are produced without an inner chamber (solid).

FenderTec produces wing fenders in a standard range and most common sizes are kept in stock and can be delivered at short notice. Customer specific sizes and designs of wing fenders or other colours (non-marking) can also be produced with short lead times. Wing fenders are usually mounted between two steel angles, which is a strong type of construction that is also easy to install. This type of fender can also be attached by means of two rows of screws or it can be glued on with a special sealant. We can provide the required mounting holes. Wing fenders can also be produced vulcanised with a specific radius to ensure that it fits properly around a bow or stern of a ship. Most wing fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be bevelled.


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