Marine Fendering

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Yokohama type and foam fenders

Pneumatic fenders are commonly used by the offshore and dredging industries to protect (work)boats, platforms or as a spacer between the ship and the quay in ports. A Pneumatic fender is like a cylindrical airbag with hemispherical heads at both ends. The vulcanized rubber is filled with compressed air, which allows the fender to float on water.

Different types pneumatic fenders

- Pneumatic fender with tire net is the most commonly used. This netting consist of car/truck tires attached with chains as a net around the fender for extra protection.

- Pneumatic fender without tire net (sling type) has a special double-layered outer cover made of rubber. A flange with a shackle and swivel is mounted to each of the fender, to which a cable of chain can be attached.

- Pneumatic fender ribbed is a lighter and less bulky rubber protector compared to the standard tire net fender. This fender comes with rib-like reinforcements. This pneumatic fender is an alternative when weight and flexibility are the main objectives.