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Polyurethane & Foam fenders

Polyurethane & Foam fenders

Polyurethane is increasingly used for the production of fenders as it provides a number of advantages over rubber. Polyurethane is extremely durable, it has lower friction and lower specific gravity. The material is also non-marking and it can be produced in various striking colours.

Besides fenders that are completely made of polyurethane, this material can also be combined with foam.


Types and processing

Polyurethane foam fenders have a skin made from polyurethane and they are filled with foam. The skin is wear-resistant and it has low frictional resistance. The core has a high density and thus readily absorbs energy. The advantage of foam fenders is that the reaction to compression is much lower. This type of fender is used on fast moving vessels on which weight also plays an important part. Fixed length polyurethane fenders are produced through mould casting.



Polyurethane and foam fenders can be used for:

• tugboats

• catamarans

• workboats

• rescue boats

• pilot boats