Keyhole fenders


Keyhole  rubber fenders

Keyhole rubber fenders are used worldwide and they offer very reliable protection for the bow of a vessel or for the wall of a quay. This type of rubber fender is characterised by the keyholeshaped opening on the inside and it is used in areas where large forces must be absorbed. Keyhole fenders are strong and they can be produced with a curve. The two mounting holes facilitate easy and accurate installation.



Standard keyhole rubber fenders are produced by length or as a block and they are made from highly wear-resistant rubber.

Lengths are produced by means of extrusion and blocks by means of compression-moulding. Keyhole fenders are produced with a flat face or a grooved face, depending on the friction and/or grip required. As with the composition fender this type of fender can also be produced with an UHMW-PE surface layer. FenderTec keeps most standard sizes in stock for fast delivery. Custom sizes can also be supplied on request with short lead times. Keyhole fenders, W fenders and M fenders are not interchangeable.



Keyhole fenders are relatively easy to install. In general they are mounted vertically with fixing pins through the two standard holes. Keyhole fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be bevelled if required. If the fenders are longer than one meter an opening for a support strip can be added.



Keyhole rubber fenders are widely used in various sizes and designs on:

• tugboats

• barges

• workboats

• quays

• piers

• bridge sections


Keyhole fender length

Keyhole fender block

Keyhole fender block grooved

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