Cylindrical fenders


Cylindrical  fenders

FenderTec is producer of all types of marine rubber fenders, such as cylindrical fenders and cylindrical fender bow & stern. We offer short lead times and fast delivery of cylindrical fenders.


Of all the different types of rubber fender profiles, cylindrical fenders have been in use for the longest period of time already. This type of fender is well capable of absorbing forces and loads. The wide choice of sizes and lengths also make them highly effective and suitable for the protection of the quays for the mooring of large and small vessels. Cylindrical fenders provide protection for embankments and they are also commonly used on the bows or sterns of tugboats and workboats. These fenders are easy to install and maintain and they can be replaced when necessary.



FenderTec produces cylindrical fenders with smaller diameters by means of extrusion, while larger fenders are produced by wrapping highly wear-resistant rubber around a mandrel. Cylindrical fenders are produced in different sizes, ranging from Ø 100 mm up to a diameter of 2000 mm. Standard sizes of up to a diameter of 400 mm are kept in stock by FenderTec and can be delivered at short notice.



Cylindrical fenders can be attached to a wide variety of structures and in different manners. Installation is relatively simple and they can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally using chains or rods. Cylindrical fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be bevelled.



Cylindrical fenders are widely used in various sizes and designs on:

• workboats

• tugboats

• quays

• pontoons

• piers


Cylindrical fender

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