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Custom Fender Coloured

Productinformation Custom Fender Coloured

FenderTec produces and supplies various Custom Fender profiles in the standard colour black.
In addition, we can also produce these Custom Fender profiles in more than 30 different colours with non-marking properties.
Most black rubber profiles leave stripes and marks as soon as they come into contact with another object. This does not happen with our non-marking quality.

In addition to all standard profiles, we produce many bespoke bumper profiles in various colors and non-marking quality.
If you need more information regarding this non-marking quality or in which colours we extrude these profiles, please call or email us.
Our people are more than happy to help you further with your questions and enquiries.

Key features:

- Can be produced in a minimum of 30 different colours. (Even multi-color profiles 2 colors in 1 profile)

- Short production times

- Leave no stripes or marks

- Good weather - and UV resistant

- Wide range with standard bumper profiles

- Very strong in bespoke profiles

- Short production times

- Sawn to length if needed and provided with mounting holes

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