Yokohama fenders


Yokohama type fenders

Fendertec offers marine fendering systems to a global market. Our Yokohama type fenders, or pneumatic fenders, fully protect your vessel during ship to ship operations.


All of our Yokohama type fenders, or pneumatic fenders are in accordance with the international standard ISO 17357. Click here for more features of Yokohama type fenders and pneumatic fenders.


Most of time we recommend fenders with chain and tyre net, because of the additional fender body protection. To meet your specific requirements, we offer various sizes and types Yokohama fenders. It is also possible to deliver inner pads

If you have questions regarding our Yokohama fender or other pneumatic requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pneumatic fender with tire net

Pneumatic fender sling

Pneumatic fender ribbed

Pneumatic fender sling