Tug boat rubber fenders

Tug boat rubber fenders
Tug boat rubber fenders

FenderTec specializes in manufacturing all kinds of rubber tug boat fenders, work boat fenders and other types of rubber marine fenders. Our tug boat rubber fenders are produced with the best quality rubber. We can offer standard tug boat fenders or custom-made tugboat fenders with short lead times.


We can provide different types of rubber tug boat fenders such as tugboat bow fenders and tugboat rub rails. All rubber marine fenders from Fendertec can be cut to length, drilled or pre-curved as required.


If you have any questions regarding our rubber tugboat fenders, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


 DD fender   Keyhole fender length   Cylindrical fenderW fender   M fender   Cylindrical bow & stern fender

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Tugboat W fenders

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Tugboat M fenders