Cylindrical Bow & Stern fenders


Cylindrical Bow & Stern  fenders

Cylindrical fenders on tugboats and workboats are often mounted on bow and stern mounted as the main push fenders. These fenders are often used on the bow in combination with Keyhole, M or W fenders. FenderTec produces this type of fender by means of a winding process up to a diameter of 1000 mm. If required they can be provided with tapered ends for better attachment to the ship and with grooves for additional attachment with chains or nylon straps.



FenderTec produces cylindrical bow & stern fenders from a very durable rubber. Depending on the diameter of the fender unit lengths of up to 10 metres can be provided. Connection plugs can be used to make longer lengths. The maximum diameter of this type of fender is 1000 mm. Most cylindrical bow & stern fenders can be customised according to customer specifications.



Cylindrical bow & stern fenders with a diameter up to 500 mm are attached to a vessel by a chain through the round chamber. Fenders with a larger diameter are provided with grooves in the circumference of the fender for additional mounting options with the aid of nylon straps or cables.



Cylindrical bow & stern fenders can be used for the following purposes, depending on the customer:

• tugboats

• workboats

• icebreakers

• supply boats



Cylindrical Bow & Stern fenders

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