Custom made fenders & profiles


Custom made fenders & profiles

FenderTec specialises in developing customised rubber fenders and profiles and we are able to produce a wide variety of fender profiles based on customer requirements, on the back of experience and knowledge gained over more than 50 years.



Fenders and profiles are produced in accordance with plans and/or models using various qualities of rubber. A wide variety of types and sizes is possible. FenderTec is capable of producing and delivering with short lead times. Products are normally produced in black, but other colours (non-marking) can also be provided.




Customer-specific fenders and profiles are mounted depending on the type and shape. Fenders can also be produced vulcanised with a radius required by the client to ensure that it fits properly around a bow or stern of a ship. Fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be bevelled if required.



Custom fenders and profiles can be produced in various sizes and types for the following applications:

• sloops

• fishing boats

• workboats

• rescue boats

• pontoons

• dredging industry

• off-shore industy

• loading bays

• carparks

• warehouse and shop fittings

• bodyworks


Custom made fender

Costom made fender

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